NATPass™ can be configured to work with one or multiple proxy/registrar/softswitch servers. A single NATPass™ can be used to service multiple independent IP PBXs.

When combining the different modes offered you have a matrix of options. The operating modes are based on how you want to handle connections to SIP proxy/registrars in NATPass™.

Most of ITSPs or enterprises might want to take advantage of maximum scalability and bandwidth savings and have NATPass™ performing Voip Media release or Media Path Optimization (MPO). However, there might be some cases in which NATPass™ is configured in Full mode when you want to bridge the media to have tight control or for call interception requirements. In some cases you might want NATPass™ work with your only one FQDN or IP address where your voip server resides, in that case you’ll restrict packets going to only one server or ITSP.

In some other scenarios in which there are multiple Proxy/Registrars or multiple ITSPs that need to share the same Session Border Controller, NATPass™ can be configured as a Multi-homed NAT traversal or Session Border Controller and work with several SIP servers. Of course, real time reports on active accounts or calls going to each ITSP or server can be obtained in real-time NATPass™.Multi-homed mode or not, you can always choose MPO or Full mode for each of the SIP servers NATPass™ is working with.

Operating modes based on proxy/registrars to work with: Single proxy mode, Multiple proxy mode and unrestricted mode. NATPass™ can be configured to work with one or multiple proxy/registrar/softswitch server (Single proxy mode, multiple proxy mode) by defining their IP addresses/Domain names in the configuration file. Each of the defined servers can be set to full mode or call release mode as well. All SIP messages going to different servers will be rejected. When Unrestricted mode is configured NATPass™ will work with any server.


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