NATPass™ is a simple VoIP NAT Traversal solution

Cloud SBC AAS or run your own instance. Natpass is a centralized Session Border Controller (SBC) that allows VoIP sessions and audio streams succeed when one or both VoIP SIP endpoints are remote in Natted networks.


How can NATPass™ help you?

Nat Traversal made easy

Just ship the SIP device. Once user connects it to the network it works. No port forward, VPN or management needed in remote router or Firewall!

Protect your IPPBX or SIP Servers

Let NATPass™ be your only SIP app facing the public Internet. Protection agains DoS and DDoS. Nothing to hack, no SIP accounts are stored in NatPass

Save Time & Money

An SBC does not need to be super expensive. Focus your time in adding value, not troubleshooting Nat traversal issues. We'll install it for you.


Why is NatPass the perfect solution for Service Providers?

Service providers such as ISPs, MSPs, ITSPs target a large number of remote users and need to have an easy and centralized way to deploy their solutions.

In the past, in order to deliver hosted PBX or SIP trunk services, the customers' router or firewall had to be configured with port forward rules. In many cases the customer was forced to obtain a Public static IP address.

This becomes a major problem as many customers do not want to change their network or are too small (SMB or SoHo) for the Service provider to spend the time getting customer's routers ready. In many cases the customer is on the go and uses hotel, airport or public networks and does not have any control over the router that connects him to the Internet. With NatPass SBC there is no need to modify customers' router or Firewall, service providers ship configured SIP endpoints and once they are connected VoIP just works.


Most common causes for NAT traversal issues:

    • Multiple internal SIP devices
    • Restricted Cone or Symmetric NAT
    • Double NAT
    • SIP ALG Router
    • Static Public IP not available


Operating Modes

Media Relay
Maintain two legs of the communication and bridge the media stream. NATPass™ discovers the remote router's public IP and port that is open for the ongoing call and relay the RTP
Media Release
Take advantage of maximum scalability, bandwidth savings and low latency by having NATPass™ performing Voip Media release or Media Path Optimization (MPO).  RTP flows
NATPass™ can be configured to work with one or multiple proxy/registrar/softswitch servers. A single NATPass™ can be used to service multiple independent IP PBXs.When combining
Cloud Multi-Tenant
SIP Nat traversal Software as a service (SAAS).  A centralized Cloud infratructure make it easy to manage and reach any place in the planet that has access to the Internet.


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